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We make an effort to know the needs of families, funeral homes and medical insititutions. Adam Dwyer Funeral Trade is primarily a first-call (removal) service, but we also provide many other services that are needed by funeral homes now and in the future. During the actual removal process you will always be represented in your name. We do not identify ourselves as a removal service but as funeral home personnel, unless specifically instructed otherwise. Every remains is ether wrapped in a clean sheet or placed in a non-reusable body bag. In our industry one of the most important details of the removal is the tagging of the deceased. All human remains will be tagged with an identification bracelet immediately if not already done so by the hospital or nursing home. Current services addition to everyday removals include: 
  • Death Certificate / Paperwork
  • Transportation to crematory
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Coroner's office
  • Driver and/or coach for your funeral home if needed
  • Transportaton to or from airports
  • Casket moved to churches
  • Trade embalming by professional embalmers *
  • Bio-Seal ( no odor or leakage)

Faxing Invoices
We document any and all personal effects of the decedent and initiate proper release forms.  We pride ourselves in offering "immediate fax invoicing."  This allows you to receive your invoice of our costs before the family arrives to finalize arrangements. You will know completely our final bill and how to charge the family before they arrive to meet with you for funeral arrangements. You will receive copies of all documentation upon delivery.

Direct Cremation
We offer Direct Cremation with correct, proper paperwork. This price is for Funeral Homes ONLY!

Direct Cremation- $ 250.00*
This cost does not include removal fee.
  Cremation container IS INCLUDED.
  There is a $10 per   day storage fee.
Death Certificates
We are now offering a new service to funeral homes. We will go to the doctor which is signing the death certicicate, get it signed, and file it at the county seat in which death had taken place. With-in 40 miles from our office in Jamestown, OH.
(outside 40 miles a $2.50 per mile will be charged.) 
As you well know this task is not a pleasant one to do. Sometimes it takes more than one trip.

Fee and paperwork....$ 195.00 

(plus you pay for certified copies of DC) This includes a burial transit permit and mailing the copies to your funeral home.
Mobile Embalming
Do you have your own prep room and want embalming done at your location? NO PROBLEM! We will have one of our professional embalmers come to your Funeral Home, embalm in your prep room, using your fluids and supplies.

Normal Embalming................$230.00
Obesity (350 LBS +)...................$300.00 
Posted Case...........................$280.00*
Obesity Post (350 LBS+)..........$350.00*
Tissue & organ donation please add $ 50

Identification Tag
In our service industry one of the most important details of the removal is the tagging of the deceased. All human remains will be labeled with an identification bracelet by the removal staff before being placed in the removal vehicle.We document any and all personal effects of the decedent and initiate proper release forms.

Bio-Seal is a new product that we are now offering. It is one of the greatest products that has been introduced to the mortuary business.   This mini system is in all our removal vans and this service is avaliable to your prep room or any location you wish. To learn more about Bio-Seal and pricing go to the Bio-Seal link at the left of this web page.
As low as...$ 300 per body!! 
* (see Bio- Seal page for more details)
Death Certificate Information Worksheet
Vital Statistics Worksheet


Decedents Legal Name: ________________________________

Sex: Male_____ Female:_____ 

Date of Death:________________ 

Social Security number:____________________________ 

Date of Birth:_____________________Birthplace:________________________ 

Ancestry: __________



City or Town:_____________

Street and Number:_________________Apt. No.:__________________________ 

Zip Code:________

Inside City Limits?: Yes or No 

Ever in Armed Forces?: Yes or No   Branch:_________________

Date of Entry:_____________________Type of Separation:________________ 

Date of Separation:_____ 

Marital Status: Divorced___ Married___ Married, but separated___ 

Never Married___Widowed____ 

Surviving Spouse's Name:_________________________________ 

If wife, maiden name:______________

Decedents education:_______________(8th grade or less, HS graduate, college graduate and degree) 

Was Decedent of Hispanic Origin? Yes or No
Describe origin:____________________________ 

Decedent's Race:___________________
Decedents Usual Occupation: __________________________________________________________

Kind of Business/Industry?: ___________________________________ 

Father's Name:___________________________________________________________________ 

Mother's Name,(prior to marriage):___________________________________________________

Informant's name:_________________________________________________________________ 

Relationship to Decedent:__________________________ 

Informant's Mailing Address: (Street and Number, City, State, Zip Code: 

Place of death: (check one)

Decedent's home____ Hospital-dead on arrival____ Hospital-ER/outpatient____ 

Hospital-Inpatient____ Hospice____ Nursing home/long term care___ 




Facility Name (If not institution,street and number):___________________________ 


City or Town, State and Zip Code: ___________________________________ 

County of death:___________________ 

Method of Disposition: Burial___ Cremation___ Donation___ Entombment___ 
Removal  from state___Date of Disposition:_______________ 

Place of Disposition (Name of Cemetery, Crematory, or other place):_________________________________________________________________ 

Location (City/Town and County and State): 

Cemetery Section, Lot Grave Number:____________________________ 

Name/Address/Telephone of Certifier (Physician or Coroner) 

Military Time of Death_______ 

Was Case referred to Coroner? Yes or No 

Name/Address/Telephone/Facsimile of Funeral Facility: 

Number of certified copies:____________ 

Mail certified copies to funeral home or informant?_________________________ 

Death Certificate Information
Adam Dwyer Funeral Trade will prepare and file death certificates on our client's cases if they desire. In the State of Ohio the death certificate is a electronically generated legal document that is filed in each county of death. Please contact us for a printed worksheet to aid in the completion of the death certificate. Each county health department sets the fee for certified copies. 

Greene-  $24.00 
Franklin- $25.00
Montgomery-  $22.00
Clinton-  $22.00
Fayette-  $22.00
Clark-  $22.00
Highland-  $22.00
Brown-  $25.00
Adams-  $25.00

It is important that all death certificate information is accurate. There will be a charge for any corrections on death certificates as a result of client funeral home errors and/or omissions. Please check and proof all death certificate information prior to transmission to Storer Mortuary Transport for death certificate preparation. 

OHIO: Notary affidavit must be completed for all corrections if death certificate is filed. The original death certificate is not corrected. There will be a fee for the affidavit certificate. 

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