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Payment Policy  

To avoid any misunderstandings, Storer Mortuary Transport  has adopted the following terms for payment of transportation and/or rental expense(s).

Payment is due in full the day of service unless you have an account with SMT 
As we are a small business as most of you, you understand cash flow is the life blood of any business. We rely on prompt payments so that we can maintain our fleet of cars and our professionally trained staff. With that in mind, we have the following policy for payment of service.
If payment is not received within 30 days after service a $25 (per body) service fee will be added to the unpaid balance and will repeat every 30 days. In the event that full payment is not received within 45 days after service and other arrangements have not been made to pay this account, it will be turned over to legal counsel and pursued by all legal means. We will file in Greene County Small Claims Court- Xenia, Ohio. Any and/or all expense relating to legal and collection fees will be added to the unpaid balance. SMT reserves the right to accept or decline service to you and your firm. 
If we turn over your invoice to our legal council, we will NOT represent you, your funeral home or mortuary (trade) service again. SMT will cease doing business with you and your firm.  
Also, we will contact the Funeral Directors Association  and Board of Embalmers in your state and report you and your actions to them.  
 We are very serious about late payments, non-payment and late fees!   SMT reserves the right to require transportation and/or rental expenses to be paid in full prior to providing any transportation and/or rental service(s).For your convenience we accept cash, check or money orders.


You will be charged a returned check fee of $50.00 each time a check is returned by our bank for insufficient funds.   NO EXCEPTIONS! 


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