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 Michael Storer

All calls answered by our staff, not an answering service. Ever talked to someone who is not even affiliated with the firm that you are calling? Can't get answers? Call Us! We are committed to BEAT the competition by answering our phones personally and going beyond service to talk to you PERSONALLY!     We want your business and we Won't Play Phone Tag!
"When Time Is Against You, We Are On Your Side"
We are fully insured  in removals, transports & embalming's


MORTUARY EZ MOVER POUCH with security fold ends...$125.00

Ever had a large removal with body in body bag and going down stairs the body bag shifts over the end of the EZ mover? Not no more! Custom made Mortuary EZ Mover with envelope ends to secure body while making removal with no shifting. 800 pound weight capacity. These are made by local Amish people who have a tent and tarp shop here in Ohio. A well known mortuary company charges over $240 for these. The Amish and I have made it possible to pass the savings on to you. The cost is $125 each plus shipping to your location.
We accept PAY PAL.
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We are a trained, professional, prompt, removal and embalming service which transports human remains for funeral homes,coroner's offices, mortuary trade services and body donation programs.  We are on call 24- hours a day, 7 days a week.
Since our humble beginning starting out with a used Chevy van with two mortuary cots, until today with six removal vans, 10 mortuary cots and two locations in Ohio, we have been truly blessed with support from Funeral Directors all over the state of Ohio! Our dedication on being the “best we can be” has been our driving force to serve Funeral Homes and families. From 290 calls that first year in 2006 to 2670 calls for the year 2014, our service has been utilized with happy results and repeat customers.
Storer Mortuary Transport is NOT a funeral home. We are an independent, privately owned, transport and embalming service. 
Since funeral homes must be a "known shipper" (as of July 1, 2009) to use airlines, we are receiving more calls for long distance transports. We are happy to offer our services for these types of transports. We do not "farm out "our work. Some have asked if we are associated with other mortuary firms in Ohio. The answer is no!   We are "independently owned" and  have worked very hard in providing our funeral directors prompt, dignified, reliable service.
There are "well known" mortuary services with-in the state that do not make their own removals or embalming.  They make a profit from you and they do not even touch the body that a family entrusts to your care.  Our staff makes every removal and embalming.
For transports to neighboring states to Ohio, an Ohio Death Certificate MUST be generated. A burial transit permit must be filed and be present with the body before we will cross state line for transport. Storer Mortuary Transport will offer this service. Please look under the "Service" tab at the left of this website to learn more. We enforce this practice firmly! 
Bio-Seal is a new product that we are now offering. It is one of the greatest products that have been introduced to the mortuary business. This mini system is in all our removal vans and this service is available to your prep room or any location you wish. If you would like to schedule a transport, obtain a price quote or need additional information regarding mortuary transportation, Bio-Seal and embalming please feel free to email us at or call (937) 302-0306.
All phone calls to our office are answered by myself or staff members. We DO NOT use an answering service. We feel one of the biggest disappointments in the funeral business is calling a funeral home or mortuary service and not being able to talk to one of the staff members or managers who know of the daily operation or information of a death call. Sometimes you are put on hold and have to play "phone tag" for several minutes.   NOT WITH US!
Not happy with your present trade service? Please allow us to show you the proven traditions that were taught to us, that has made our success within the Central Ohio area. 
Remember, "When time is against you....We Are On Your Side".
Thank You,
Michael Storer 
David Jones 
Transports to
It is our privilege to be asked to transport human remains to Arlington National Cemetery in Washington D.C. We take pride in making these types of transports.
The prices listed include one man transport, meals, motel, tolls, fuel, and a 2014 Dodge Caravan with limo tented windows for privacy.
NO EXTRA Hidden costs.
Arlington Cemetery is very strict on time frames for burial. If we miss the time schedule it could take up to 3 weeks to reschedule another slot for burial. Our staff always arrives the night before the scheduled time to ensure promptness of cemetery burial service... Guaranteed ! 
COLUMBUS, OH to Arlington.............$1,295.00
DAYTON, OH to Arlington..................$1,495.00
CINCINNATI, OH to Arlington.............$1,695.00
Infectious Disease
We will remove and transport bodies which are infectious. In fact, to our knowledge, we are the only mortuary transport service in this area that will. The infectious diseases such as Creutzfeldt–Jakob, Aids, MRSA are known in the mortuary field. We take extra safe precaution when dealing with these cases. Please call our office for price quote. 

As low as...$ 300 per body!! *  
* (see Bio- Seal page for more details)
Bio-Seal is a new product that we are now offering. It is one of the greatest products that has been introduced to the mortuary business.   This mini system is in all our removal vans and this service is available to your prep room or any location you wish. To learn more about Bio-Seal and pricing go to the Bio-Seal link at the left of this web page.
Absolute containment
Complete isolation and infection control solutions
Securing contents, protecting handlers and facilities.
Rising Gas Prices
The rising cost of gas is a burden to everyone in this country. Due to the rising cost we have come up with a surcharge plan. 
We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.
A $10.00 sur-charge when fuel is at $3.00 per gallon.
A $10.00 charge for every $.50 increase of fuel after that.
Identification Tag
In our service industry one of the most important details of the removal is the tagging of the deceased. All human remains will be labeled with an identification bracelet by the removal staff before being placed in the removal vehicle.We document any and all personal effects of the decedent and initiate proper release forms.
Cremation Facilities
We use a 2,800 square foot, newly completed Cremation Center. This retort is the state of the art unit. All cremations are done at this facility. We are equipped with a viewing room and refrigerated unit for storing bodies.  We encourage Cremation Societies in Ohio to take advantage of our prompt removal and cremation services.
We offer Direct Cremation with correct, proper paperwork.
This price is for Funeral Homes  ONLY!
Direct Cremation- $ 235.00*
* This cost does not include removal fee. 
  Cremation container IS INCLUDED.
  There is a $10 per  day storage fee after the first 2 days.
We are NOT a holding facility. If Death Certificates  and cremation permits are not promptly and timely made, we will contact Ohio Board of Health and Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors and report your negligence. 
We accept payment through 
Call our office for more details
Long Distance Transports
We take pride in making long distance transports. In fact, we have staff who look forward in making these types of transports. The benefits in allowing us to make these transports  are saving time and unnecessary trips to airports which, many times, are some distance from receiving funeral homes. Saving costs on combo air trays and shipping supplies, where we can make the removal and transport straight to your funeral home. Peace of mind to families knowing that their loved one is not alone in some airport somewhere in a warehouse waiting to be placed on a plane. We are always with the body in our care! 
We are committed in making long distance transports top priority. Our drivers are safe and dependable and we demand safety for them and the deceased in our care. All confirmed transports which require SMT drivers to drive 6 (six) hours one way will require a night motel accommodation. The funeral home which secures our services will pay this motel cost along with any road tolls which may accrue during these transports. Motels will be selected at the lowest price and safest location possible. Meals will be provided by SMT to the drivers involved in these transports.
Normal Embalming.........................................$230.00
Obesity  (350 LBS +)..............................$300.00 
Posted Case......................................$280.00*
Obesity Post  (350 LBS +).....................$350.00*
Obesity Removals
When we are called to make an obesity removal, we NEVER get in a hurry. Our policy is for our staff to look over the situation and plan for the most safest removal possible. Funeral Homes must understand that we are making the removal and our goal is not to have a "mistake" happen. If we feel that a recovery unit from the local fire station must be called, we will do just that. Respect, safety and dignity is our top priority. Funeral Homes are expected to have extra man power at the funeral home when we arrive. If not, we will call in more man power and charge extra for our services.
Weather Conditions
Please be advised that during the winter months we reserve the right to practice safety first. We all are busy and need to meet schedules. Someone has said "I don't want to burn the night time oil", meaning they want to spend time with family and not work past  there scheduled time at the funeral home. We know that, but we will take our time to be safe. Please bear with us on receiving time on removals and transports.
Level 1 - means roadways are hazardous and caution
should  be used when driving.
Level 2 - warns of extremely hazardous roads, urging only
necessary trips be made and that employees should
contact their employers to see if they should report
to work.
Level 3 - the most severe distinction, mandates all roads be closed to non-emergency traffic.
Once you call our office and give information such as name of deceased, location of deceased and phone number of that location, our removal team will be in route to the location with-in 10 minutes of the first call. Our planned arrival times for all residence removals are with in 60 to 75 minutes.   No exceptions!  All of our vehicles are GPS Capability for faster service to locations. When overwhelmed with an excessive number of calls at once, priority is given to removals from public places, home removals and calls where the family is present. We always represent your Funeral Home in your name, unless otherwise instructed. We always allow family members all the time they need before we remove the body from their presence. Once the removal has been made our removal team will call you and let you know that the removal was made and what time we expect to be at your funeral home. Remember, weather and traffic must be in consideration. We are safe and will arrive at your funeral home as prompt as we can.
We Are A "No Excuse" Company
We know that some removal services have given the industry a bad name. If you have ever called a removal service and been given the run around  (example: "I could help you, but I am at the doctor appointment, cutting my grass, on another call, been up all night, baby is sick, celebrating a holiday, etc.") 
Body Bag Security Locks
We now offer, free of charge, Body Bag Security Locks for local Coroner cases. These locks seal the zipper for security reasons, tamper proof with ID numbers for recording with paperwork.
GPS Equipped
All of our vehicles are GPS capable for faster service to all locations.
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