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Bio Seal


Absolute containment.
Complete isolation and infection control solutions.
Securing contents, protecting handlers and facilities.
Whether for storage or transport, handlers and facilities must contain human remains or risk contamination — or worse.Thanks to the BioSeal System, absolute containment is now the standard in the Death Care industry.The BioSeal advantage.
  • Complete isolation and containment of human remains to protect responders and their facilities
  • No odor, vapor, gas or fluid can escape the pouch
  • Projected 49-year shelf life eliminates the need to re-purchase materials to maintain preparedness
  • Provides absolute containment for all infection control environments such as morgue, hospital, mortuary and disaster response
  • Delivers privacy, security and safety for evidentiary items and mass fatality management
  • Easy to train, learn and utilize
  • Puncture, tear and soil resistant
  • Contents can be X-rayed without opening the pouch
  • Pouch can be opened and resealed for inspections
  • Generates less than 1% residue upon incineration
  • Will perform as a temporary or permanent burial casket
If you have a call concerning a decomp body and wonder how in the world are you going to take care of this. The answer is BIO SEAL!   No Leakage and No Odor! Now you can offer your families a service with the body present without having odor or leaking issues. You will never go back to a disaster pouch filled with chemicals which families can smell. You will go with Bio Seal! . Bio Seal is simple and we come to your prep room and do the work with-in 15-20 minutes.
Bio Seal prices are as follows:

$ 300  per body (35 lbs to 300 lbs)*
$ 395  per x- large body (301 lbs to 400 lbs)*
Prices are COD!    No exceptions!
Note: These Bio Seal Prices is just the product itself. It does not include travel time to your funeral home
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